June 2014

Genitourinary Tumors: New entities, concepts and diagnostic approaches
June 1, 2014
Costa Mesa, CA
Ming Zhou, MD PhD

Objectives: At the conclusion of the seminar, attendees will be able to learn new and recently described entities in genitourinary tract. Learn new concepts in the diagnosis and pathogenesis of genitourinary diseases. Learn new diagnostic approaches, including new immunohistochemical and molecular markers, to genitourinary diseases

1) Glass slides and/or digital images representative of genitourinary diseases.,
2) Correlating clinical histories,
3) Six hour lecture including images of each case and other illustrative materials,
4) Comprehensive printed color syllabus, including diagnosis, discussion, and appropriate literature references.

CME and/or SAM credit applies only to the day of the seminar. Full Package can earn up to 10 hrs CME and/or SAM, Attendance only can earn up to 6 hrs CME and/or SAM. This activity is approved for a maximum of 10 SAM credits.

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