December 2012

Adventures in Molecular Pathology
December 2, 2012
San Francisco, CA
Jennifer L. Hunt, M.D.


Seminar Objectives: At the conclusion of this seminar, attendees will be able to:

  1. Explain the basic steps in fundamental molecular testings.
  2. Select molecular assays for specific tumor types.
  3. Discuss molecular testing pros and cons with clinical colleagues.
  4. Utilize the correct tissue type for different molecular procedures.

Materials: 1. Glass slides representative of tumors in which molecular studies may be helpful in diagnosis, therapy, and counseling. 2.Correlating clinical histories, 3. Six hour lecture, incorporating projected photographs of the study cases and other illustrative materials, 4. Projected and written material (charts, graphs, tables) to illustrate the basics in molecular diagnoses, issues in PCR and RT-PCR, and others, 5.Comprehensive printed color syllabus, including diagnoses, discussion, and appropriate references from pertinent medical literature. CME applies only to the day of the seminar.

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