June 2013

Critical Pathology Diagnoses and Differentials of the Head and Neck
June 2, 2013
Costa Mesa, CA
Lester D.R. Thompson, M.D.


Objectives: At the conclusion of the seminar, attendees will be able to recognize a variety of reactive and neoplastic lesions that occur in the Head & Neck, formulate a differential diagnosis, and identify important histologic criteria to separate them.  Select and integrate immunohistochemical, molecular, and/or genetic procedures that aid in diagnosis or have prognostic significance. Understand their clinical behavior and be able to communicate effectively with clinicians about their management.

Materials: 1) Glass slides and/or digital images representative of 20 head and neck disorders, 2) Correlating clinical histories, 3) Six hour lecture including images of each case and other illustrative materials, 4) Comprehensive printed color syllabus, including diagnosis, discussion, and appropriate literature references. CME credit applies only to the day of the seminar. Full Package can earn up to 10 hrs CME, Attendance only can earn up to 6 hrs CME.

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